About Us

SMS Higher Education Group

A higher education promoting organisation

SMS Higher Education Group creates friendly, effective bridge between the potential students and Universities. SMS Higher Education Group has been trying to change the perspectives people look at overseas education. Since 2010, based on London, we have been helping students from all over Europe to get admission to British Universities and Colleges. On the other side, SMS has been helping international students to get the best higher education from UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, and other European countries. As our world is becoming a global village, in next decades millions of ambitious and potentially more students from least developed and developing countries will look for best higher education in advanced countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc; SMS Higher Education Group wants to nurture and help them for success at their chosen universities. SMS Higher Education Service has successfully placed thousands of students in many illustrious universities all over the world – a feat that can be ascribed to our methodical mapping of geographical locations, institutions, and courses as appropriate to the applicant’s profile. We are committed to keep our standards to the highest possible point and maintain trust-based relationship always because we believe in goodwill, total quality, and word of mouth marketing.

What We Do

  • We provide effective and correct information to International students who want to study abroad and help them to get admitted at their dream Universities/Colleges.
  • We help UK & EU citizens, who are financed by SLC, to get Higher Education from United Kingdom’s reputed universities.
  • We process university admission applications by our expert Admission consultants to top universities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden and other European countries according to universities requirements, so our success rate is almost 100%.
  • We help Universities to recruit highly talented students from all over the world.
  • We process Visa application, by our experienced Visa consultants, on behalf of International students according to respective countries’ Immigration requirements, so our every visa application is successful.
  • For UK & EU students we provide free English Course in London, so the UK & EU students, who live in England, can do free English course and get a pathway to their dream universities.


  • We believe in utmost Transparency & Commitment.
  • Ensuring each and every students get admitted at their dream University .
  • Improving millions of lives through Higher Education Support Services .


To be world’s most trusted Higher Education Mentoring Organisation and promoting advanced/best quality higher education around the Globe.

Partner University/College

SMS Higher Education Group is working relentlessly to help the ambitious students to enrol at their dream Universities/Colleges in UK, Europe, Australia, Canada & USA because we want to ensure that potential young people are getting best education from developed world; at the same time Universities/Colleges are recruiting most potential, talented & culturally diverse students around the globe. As such, we have built up one to one relationship effectively with different Universities/Colleges & other partner organisations which are also working on Higher education. We value each and every University’s standard, heritage, procedures, so we can build a bridge effectively between right University and best potential students. We are currently working with lots of Universities of UK, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Germany Australia, Canada & USA. SMS Higher Education Team is supported and guided closely by the Universities’ Admission officers, Academics and International office. You can find lists of Universities/Colleges in respective countries’ page.

For Consultant Agencies

If you are education consultant agency and want to work us, you are most welcome. But two things we give more value; that are your professionalism and credibility. We can also help in training your counselling & admission team so that your office performance would improve. Please contact us for more details.

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