Over the years, SMS Higher Education Group, through its services, has helped students to transition from home to UK university, which is unique to them, and enabled a harmonious shift from visiting belonging. SMS Higher Education Group has also helped UK universities in their goal of delivering high standards of education to students who aspire to study in the UK. 

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UK Education Counselling

Applying for Higher Education is an important career decision that requires a lot of time and effort. The dilemma of choosing the right course and university can be daunting when you have an array of academic choices and it becomes even more difficult when you don’t know how to apply for the best chances of acceptance.

Our experts put efforts into understanding your interests and career aspirations and provide you with their expert evaluation of academics and professional profiles. Having an extensive institutional relationship, our experts guide you through the maze of questions and shortlist appropriate courses and universities based on your interests and career aspirations.

Throughout the process, our experts provide regular feedback sessions and recommendations tailored to your profile, thus ensuring your satisfaction and boosting your chances of admission to UK Universities. 

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Hassle-Free Application

Assistance Once your UK University is finalized, our experts will assist you in securing offers from the UK Universities of your choice. Our experts provide comprehensive university application services at every stage, which includes advising on required documents for application; helping refine personal statements, essays, and CVs so that they resonate with the university’s admission team; building the perfect application; and reviewing the application prior to submission.

Since all the documents are thoroughly compiled adhering to the respective guidelines of the UK Universities and attested to ensure that they are well presented and error-free, it maximizes the chances of you being accepted to the UK University.

Lastly, since some UK Universities require a video interview to be completed, our experts provide personalized training and mock interview sessions to the students to prepare them for the process .

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VISA Processing

The Visa application process is a demanding process that requires a lot of documentation and the only thing you require is an expert to guide you and provide unbiased advice. Moreover, since the border protection laws keep changing over time, our experts not only guide you so that you remain well prepared for VISA compliance but also ensure that you have access to the latest application and correct information through the official website.

Additionally, the experts carefully attest your VISA application, compile financial statements and follow up with concerned authorities to ensure the efficient processing of your VISA application. 

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Student Scholarship

Guidance UK universities acknowledge your commitment towards higher education and provide students with scholarships in various forms which can make a lot of difference by easing off financial burden on aspiring students. Our experts provide professional guidance on various scholarships offered by UK Universities and find the right scholarship for you from a wide range of scholarships available at partner institutes. 

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Accommodation Assistance

Our experts not only help you with the admissions and VISA process but also assist you in finding the perfect accommodation for your stay in the UK. These accommodations are recommended based on your place of study and it is ensured that you feel at home. 

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For Universities

We not only help aspiring students but also help partner universities. Our experts and marketing team are committed to recruiting and managing high-quality students who fit the diverse cohort and admission requirements. Furthermore, through our social media and marketing campaigns, we amplify the brand and build deep connections between students and partner universities. Many of our partner universities have realized success through monitored lead generation and marketing campaigns. 

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