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SMS Higher Education Group is one of the most reputed educational Consultancy Companies in London, United Kingdom. We represent major UK universities and offer admission services for both Local and International Students.

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Get the support of our expert admission consultants for free of cost.

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We offer dedicated Help for your Student Finance Application.

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you might need a career consultancy from our experienced career counselors.

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We do not charge anything from our students for any of our services.

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We can help you to find a suitable on-campus or off-campus accommodation after your admission.

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You will get to have a dedicated consultant for your total admission service.

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Our Services

Admission Support for UK & EU Students

Our Expert Education Consultants conduct an admission assessment and application process for your chosen university. We provide training sessions to build an Academic CV and Personal Statement. We also prepare our students for Admission Interview. Our Dedicated Consultant supports students for Student Finance Applications. Read More >>

Admission & Visa Support for International Students

Our dedicated Admission and Visa Consultants provide guidelines and necessary information to international students who want to study abroad and help them to get admitted to their dream universities/colleges. Our expert admission consultants will process the university applications.

Watney College

Watney College is an Institution of SMS Higher Education Group. The aim of the Academy is to help the learners, who are not native speakers, build their International Communication Skills through learning the English Language. You can get prepare for your university admission if you have lack of qualification of English skills. Learn More >>


We placed thousands of students in many illustrious universities all over the world

What Our Students Say About Us

Monique Traveler Bacchetti
Monique Traveler Bacchetti
12:17 14 Oct 20
SMS higher education student recruitment agency did an amazing job helping me... through the whole process of enrolling at the university. The team had always been responsive via emails and text messages responding to any queries I had such as the registration process as well as helping with applying for the student funding. I totally recommend them if you need help finding and applying for university. Thank you SMS!read more
Gall Mladenova
Gall Mladenova
12:06 28 Jul 20
I’m very happy with the service and communication! Professional team and the... job which Daniela H. did was great! She helped me with my choice and was very supportive during the whole process! Thank you very much Daniela H.!read more
Adiyan's Channel
Adiyan's Channel
21:38 17 Jul 20
Very professional and quality service. Team members are very helpful. Supported... me how to write a standard CV and SOP.read more
Lenke Kretz
Lenke Kretz
15:56 17 Jul 20
SMS Higher Education Group is an excellent company in the field's of... educational recruitment. Our organisation designed to help/assist/support/prepare a student in every step along the path of starting a higher education course.read more
Tunde Nagy
Tunde Nagy
12:22 17 Jul 20
Lenke Kretz was helping myself and many of my friends to find the best... university and course!She is knowledgeable, resourceful, helpful and very friendly! I recommend SMS for everyone who wants to study!read more
Adam Paloczy
Adam Paloczy
11:51 17 Jul 20
I have to say a massive thank you for them! They helped me with all of the... process and sorted out all of the hassle instead of me. They are professional and quick. Lenke was always available and helpful, no matter what was the issue. I highly recommend them!read more
Claudiu Marian
Claudiu Marian
09:00 17 Jul 20
Excellent level or professionalism. I feel very relaxed to discuss with... Georgiana Badea. She was always available on the phone for all my questions, and always tried patiently to offer me the best support. I really appreciate the fact that she showed that she cares about me as a client. I think in any job you have to be devoted and want your client to feel personal satisfaction. That's what I felt like a man I had to learn a lot from. Thanks Georgiana Cosmina Badea. Would really highly recommend his services.read more
Ursache Ionela
Ursache Ionela
07:51 16 Jul 20
I never saw a company with such a lack of professionalism in my entire life.... The staff doesn't speak proper English and they enrol to universities. I used to work for them also, and I can see from the inside that is a lack of professionalism and poor communication between all staff. The CEO cares only about money and he pushes his employees to bring more people to enrol them, but after they get people who want to go to university they don't care too much and half of them just doesn't go to the interview, or they don't receive confirmation or many other issues. When we talk about salaries, he doesn't pay the commission, only after half a year/one year with so many excuses. If you want to enrol to University, to study, don't go there, just find something else, you just lose your time. And also, if you were thinking to work for them run away, go only if you want to earn the minimum and only if someone else can afford to give you money because there you will not earn, you will lose.And on top of that, Shamim still has the rudeness to ask me for a review. Here you are. You are more than welcome.read more
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