With more than a decade of experience in higher education consulting for students aspiring to study in the UK and collaborations with diverse institutes offering 1000s of courses to diverse interests, SMS HEG has helped over 13000 students gain admission to UK universities. With a student-first attitude, we are one of the fastest-growing education consultants obsessed with student success.

With our goals set high to provide you with the best services, here are a few reasons why you should choose SMS:

Free of Cost Service

All our services are free of cost. We do not charge any fees regarding any of our services provided, giving you an opportunity to realize your study in the UK dream without paying a single dime.

High Customer Satisfaction

We at SMS HEG truly believe in the power of your potential, and we don’t rest until your dream of studying in the UK is realized. Our results speak the loudest and are well illustrated by the user testimonies, which further amplify that our key strength is our customer service.


We provide all the relevant information at each and every stage of your application process, and our team makes sure that no stone is left unturned while drafting a high-quality university application to help you realize your study in the UK dream.


We work with small batches of students in order to ensure that every student gets adequate attention and allows experts to commit to submitting a high-standard application. Experts committing themselves to limited students increases your chances of getting accepted at the university of your choice and helps fulfill your dream of studying in the UK.

Student First Attitude

All our experts put you first. They work closely with you and prepare you for every step in your journey. As many of our experts have been international students themselves, they understand you and go the extra mile to support you as your journey begins. 

Expert team

We have a highly experienced and approachable team of experts who possess the required qualifications and skillsets to assist you in making your study in the UK dream a reality. Our team has had first-hand experience in international education and has shaped the careers of thousands of students. 


Our team is highly flexible and continuously adapts to the demands of students while guiding them through each stage of the admission process, from identifying goals to applying to the university. 

Pre-departure sessions

Students come from different walks of life to the UK in order to pursue their dreams. Hence it means that many students become prone to suffering culture shock. Therefore, our team holds pre-departure sessions, which ensures that you are well prepared to handle and can easily get accustomed to your new life in the UK.

Accommodation Solutions

 On reaching IK, our team will provide you with free boarding and lodging services, offering 1 week of free accommodation. Our team will also be in contact with you throughout the period and assist you with finding your permanent accommodation.

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