Free Accommodation Services

Moving to the UK? Welcome home.

You have secured your study in the UK through? But worried where you are going to stay when you arrive in the UK?

You not alone, SMS HEG is going to provide you 1-2 Weeks of free accommodation before you get settled i your own place! We have our own managed property for our successful students in London.

After you finish your Free stay, we shall help you to find a suitable place for living.

Making you feel at Supported

We dont just leave our student alone after they get visa, we make sure that they arrived safely in London and offer you this optional stay to make you comfortable and find your own place!

The student going to Universities out of London:

  • You may use this as an option till you secure a place in your destination city!
  • Living in a place where all of the residents are the same as you!
  • Getting our team to take care of your next steps in the UK!

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    Qus: What are the popular programs to study in the UK?

    Ans: Some of the popular programs for international students are Business, Information Technology, and Engineering.

    Qus: What are my options after completing a Masters in management?

    Ans: A Msc in management could see you working in roles in management, marketing, HR, operations management and more.

    Qus: Which are the best universities in the UK for aerospace engineering? And is it worth studying there?

    Ans: You might like to look at Bristol, Brunel, Hertfordshire, Southampton, Surrey, and Glasgow to start.

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