The UK is a quality higher education hub for international students. Today we will discuss living costs for international students in the UK. The choice to study in the United Kingdom is excellent for settling your life by acquiring the superior level of education. After reading this post, you learn about living costs for international students in the UK. 

While you want to study in the UK, many facts come forward to consider. These facts are tuition fees, living costs, etc. Before studying in the UK, you must research these things. SMS Higher Education Group doesn't want international students to begin their studies in the UK with concerns about living expenses. Students studying in the United Kingdom must spend their living expenses on various items such as housing, transportation, food, entertainment, connectivity, etc.

Accommodation Cost

The accommodation cost in the UK for international students is determined by the type of accommodation selected. The cost may also vary depending on the city you intend to study. London, as the capital, is more expensive than the surrounding towns and villages.

As international students in the United Kingdom, students can live in dorms or university residences and individual flats or communal accommodations. Most institutions in the United Kingdom allow you to reside on campus. These housing halls are close to school and can help you save money on transportation. You can live with a roommate or in a private room with an en-suite bathroom. Other advantages of living on campus include that the pricing frequently covers food and electricity expenditures. Students no longer have to deal with grocery shopping, cooking, and paying their energy, gas, and water bills.

Average Costs (Monthly) 

  • University Residence: 725 £ (London), 510 £ (Other Town)
  • Private Housing: 845 £ (London), 500 £ (Other Town)
  • Other Bills: 50 £ (London), 40 £ (Other Town)

Private housing is the most excellent alternative if you want total independence. If you choose private rentals, the cost of living in the UK will vary. Renting a flat or a house typically entails a contract that lasts longer than the academic year. Renting housing with other students is a sensible approach to dealing with this. You can divide rent, food, and utility bills while making new friends.

Transportation Cost

The second most spending cost while studying in the UK is Transportation. The price is determined by the city and mode of transport used. Aside from walking and cycling, you can also take buses and trains. Students typically receive discounts on public transportation, and you should consider purchasing a railcard to reduce your overall cost of living in the UK. Taxis are expensive, so hiring one can blow your budget. When traveling between or within cities, we recommend that international students use travel cards. 

Average Costs (Monthly)   

  • London - 56 £
  • Manchester - 47 £
  • Birmingham - 45 £
  • Liverpool - 45 £
  • Leeds - 43 £

Food Cost

While living on campus saves you money on food, students living in private rentals must factor in the cost of food. Obtaining grocery store gift cards would allow you to shop in peace. A better idea is to ask locals for recommendations. Make a grocery list, plan a meal, and shop for the correct items in the right places. While eating out is fun once in a while, cooking at home is your best bet for saving money. Avoid purchasing high-end items or using imported ingredients. The following are the average estimated prices for some everyday grocery items:

  • Bread - 1 pack - 0.71 £
  • Milk - 1.13 L - 0.81 £
  • Chicken - 300 g - 1.57 £
  • Eggs - 6 - 1.51 £
  • Rice - 1 kg - 1.51 £
  • Cooking Oil - 1 L - 1.11 £
  • Water -1.5 L - 0.81 £

Entertainment Cost 

University life isn't all about books, tests, and exams. You'll be forming a social circle and will need money to enjoy your leisure time. As a result, we've included entertainment in our guide to the student cost of living in the United Kingdom. Depending on where and how you plan to party, we've included some common ideas and costs in the list below:

  • Movie Ticket - 10.12 £
  • Concert or Theatre Ticket - 50.57 £
  • Restaurant Table for Two - 40.46 £

Connectivity Cost 

When studying abroad, staying in touch with family and friends back home is more important than ever. In addition, with the growing popularity of social media, international students must pay for a SIM card with a call and data package, Wi-Fi, and television fees. Look for the best deals on discount packages and the cheapest mobile service providers. Before purchasing a Wi-Fi connection, compare the prices. Let's look at some basic costs to get a better understanding:

  • Monthly Cost (Average)
  • Pre-paid SIM package - 10.12 £
  • TV License - 156.25 £
  • TV + Wi-Fi package - 50.54 £
  • Call Costs - 0.15-0.46 £
  • Netflix - 8.10 £

SMS Higher Education Group is ready to assist you with any information regarding living costs for your study in the UK.


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