De Montfort University Scholarships For International Students

De Montfort University Scholarships For International Students

Scholarships For International Students

De Montfort University is a gold-ranked university situated in the UK and De Montfort University offers Scholarships for International Students. The university has over 400 courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Every year more than 25,000 students study here in four sections:

  1. Art, Design and Humanities
  2. Health and Life Science
  3. Technology
  4. Business and Law

De Montfort University Scholarships for International Students are offered to receive standard education as a high opportunity. Both full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are available. The university cares especially for student athletes. The scholarships cover tuition fees fully or partially depending on students’ merit and course type. For more information, you can visit De Montfort University’s website.

High Achievers Scholarship at De Montfort University

De Montfort University scholarships always encourage students for a bright future. It offers High Achievers Scholarships to international students to take an undergraduate degree course. It is a merit-based scholarship where candidates must have outstanding academic excellence. They must have at least 70% grade points in secondary studies. The scholarship is worth GBP 5,000 as a tuition fee waiver. But applicants with 85% or above grade points will receive a full tuition waiver.

De Montfort University International Scholarship

De Montfort University International Scholarship gives chances to international students to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree program. After paying the GBP 4,000 tuition fee deposit or a minimum of 50% of the total tuition fee, students will receive up to the GBP 1,500 discount automatically.

De Montfort University Sustainability Scholarship

De Montfort University Sustainability Scholarship offers this to build up a sustainable development career that will lead to helping society. Postgraduate taught degree programs in several fields are available for international students. Applicants must have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in undergraduate courses. Determination, leadership skills, and a strong willingness to contribute to socio-economic development are also necessary conditions to be eligible for this scholarship. The grant value is GBP 4,000 as a tuition fee waiver.

Postgraduate Alumni Scholarships at De Montfort University

The university is pleased to offer Postgraduate Alumni Scholarships to take a postgraduate degree course in health and life science. International students who completed an undergraduate degree and are willing to pursue a postgraduate taught degree program at De Montfort University are eligible for this scholarship. Qualified applicants will receive a 30% discount on the total tuition fee.

De Montfort University Early Payment Scholarships

De Montfort University is always determined to provide financial support to students who want higher education. De Montfort University Early Payment Scholarship is offered to international students to study in a full-time/part-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree program. It is a first-payment, first-discount-based scholarship where early-comer students will get a GBP 500 fee discount after depositing a GBP 4,000 tuition fee.

De Montfort University Sports Scholarship

Athlete students are highly encouraged at De Montfort University by offering sports scholarships. The university emphasises athletes’ personalised strength and conditioning training, nutrition, psychology guidance, performance lifestyle, and educational performance workshops. Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the university and included in the Olympic, Paralympic, or Commonwealth sports programs. The scholarship grant is up to GBP 6,000.

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