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English for University (IELTS Preparation)

English for University” course is designed for EU and international students preparing for undergraduate and postgraduate degree level studies at University/College across the UK and other English speaking countries. It covers the Academic English and practical study skills which you will need to continue further studies at University/College.

This course helps you become an independent learner so that you are fully prepared to study at degree level in English.


Course Level- B2

Duration: 4 months


Course Fees: (For fees please contact Admission Department)


Requirements:  Entry level-2 is required/ assessment will be carried out. 



This course is ideal for students who want to:

  • Study at University level in UK or other English-speaking countries like USA, Canada, Australia.
  • Study in a higher-education institution in Europe or worldwide with classes taught in English.


Objectives & benefits

By the end of his course you will be able to:

  • Read academic texts
  • Enhance your academic vocabulary and grammar structures
  • Listen to academic lectures
  • Write different types of essays and reports
  • Adopt academic language and style
  • Participate in academic discussions and seminars
  • Give academic presentations
  • Develop critical thinking skills through the study of literature
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