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SMS General English Course

Our General English Course is intensive and its programme is accelerated programme methodically. However, it develops all aspects of learning English in parallel: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. In this course you will enlarge your vocabulary significantly and discover how amazingly English grammar speaks with words. Enrolling in SMS General English Course is the most popular way to improve your Intonation and Pronunciation skills which appear to be decisive to speak English and understand it.


This course is especially for adults & young adults and aimed to those who desire to improve language skills within short period of time. We offer two starting points: Beginner for those with very little English and Pre-intermediate for those who are able to carry out short conversations, understand simple questions and respond them in speaking & writing forms.


Before you joining your first class you might feel a little nervous but there is no reason to panic as you classmates start from the same level and teachers will take personal care of you.



Course Info

Course: SMS General English Level-2 in ESOL SKILLS FOR LIFE

Level: Entry level-2 (A2)


Duration: 3 months  


Course Fees: (For fees please contact Admission Department)


Requirements:  No previous qualification is mandatory but Entry level-1 is preferable.


Course Content:

You will develop your general English language skills focusing on grammar, vocabulary and phonetics.


Is the Course for me?

If you want to improve your English language skills for everyday use, for Job or further education, this course is for you.





Objectives & Benefits


By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Communicate more accurately and fluently
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Socialise in English more effectively

Build capacity to use sophisticated grammar  such as passive voice, modal verbs and conditionals.

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