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Watney English Academy

Watney English Academy is an Institution of SMS Higher Education Group. The aim of the Academy is to help the learners, who are not native speakers, build their International Communication Skills through learning English Language. Our programme focuses on the language and skills you need to communicate successfully in real-life situations, at work, studies, or simply for socialisation.
Watney English Academy is based in London which is an ideal place for you to learn English. We have very experienced and dynamic teachers who will always support you during your learning process in comfortable situations within Academy-facilities. Based on our experience, you will make the quickest progress while learning is an interactive, engaging and fun. Our highly-qualified teachers will help you build confidence and improve your language skills in a supportive and stimulating environment.
What is more? We always try to identify learner’s needs and expectations and set up a range of appropriate actions for all individuals accordingly.
Watney English Academy offers some effective and accelerated range of courses; you might choose the one best suit for your purposes. Are you keen to climb the career ladder? Would you like to study or improve your work position?? Whatever your background or ambitions, learning English at Watney English Academy gives you the freedom to explore exciting new opportunities.

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