What We Do

  • Career Consultancy
    Many students come to us with a goal that they want to have a degree, but they are not quite sure what exactly they want to study, and what is the career prospect they might get from this course? There 1000s of different available courses in the Universities in the UK and other countries. Many of them have different starting points such as Top Up Degree, Foundation Programs, 1st Year of bachelor and Masters Programs in the UK universities. Our Professional career consultant team will help a student to find a suitable course according to their background education and experiences.
  • Admission Service
    We do everything from application to Unconditional offer for a Student. Our Dedicated admission team take care of an applicant and keep the student updated for the progress of his/her application.
  • Professional CV Writing & SOP Workshops
    A Professional CV and an SOP/Personal Statement are the mandatory requirements for a student to apply to a British university. So we have expert CV writer and Professional academics who conduct workshops to support our students for writing a professional CV and SOP. You may find some sample SOP and Sample CV for Admissionon our website.
  • Interview Preparation Workshops
    Some of the students will face an interview taken by the universities. Our expert education consultants conduct workshops for the interview with the Set of Interview questionnaire that we have created from your experience since 2012. Our students also get free practice sessions and one-one Mock tests at our premises.
  • Scholarship or Funding Help
    We help our students to apply for the funding options available in the university. Our UK/EU students get full support for the Student Finance or Loan and Maintenance from Government and other sources.
  • Visa Support for International Students
    We have our dedicated Visa and Immigration team in our London office as well as Dhaka and other local offices to support our students for applying for their Tier4 student visa. Our Immigration experts help to prepare the documentation for the visa application
  • Pre-Departure Supports
    • We provide intensive help for each International student such as: Help for opening student file Tuition fee transfer. • Find best price Air Ticket • Briefing session about the future residence abroad such as Life in the UK • Manage on-campus or off-campus accommodation.
  • After Arrival
    We Help our International students when they come to their study destinations. We arrange airport Pick up service to bring them home. We also help our students, especially international students coming to the UK, for applying for National Insurance and looking for jobs. Our Professional CV writing team and the sample CV bank helps the students to make their own CV.
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