Who We Are

SMS Higher Education Group

A higher education promoting organisation

SMS Higher Education Group creates friendly, effective bridge between the potential students and Universities in pursue of bringing first-world’s advanced education to the third-world’s potential young people. SMS Higher Education Group has been trying to change the perspectives people look at overseas education. Since 2010, based on London, we have been helping students from all over the Europe to get admission at British Universities and Colleges. On the other side, SMS has been helping International students to get best higher education from UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Denmark and other European countries. As our world is becoming a global village, in next decades millions of ambitious and potential more students from least developed and developing countries will look for best higher education in advanced countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc; SMS Higher Education Group wants to nurture and help them for success at their chosen universities. SMS Higher Education Service has successfully placed thousands of students in many illustrious universities all over the world – a feat that can be ascribed to our methodical mapping of geographical locations, institutions and courses as appropriate to the applicant’s profile. We are committed to keep our standards to the highest possible point and maintain trust-based relationship always because we believe in goodwill, total quality and word of mouth marketing.

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