How to write an Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a story about you that the University wants to know. It is to tell the university about your academic and professional background. A typical Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose (SOP) answers the following questions:

Who are you?

Introduce yourself in this part,  Tell brief about you, your current occupation or academic status.

What have you done so far in your life from your childhood?

Since your first day at school, you might have so many achievements and awards in your field of interest. For example, you may be good at experimenting on electronic circuits or you enjoy reassemble a Toy motorcar and you have achieved an award in your science fair at your school for a very simple project. Or you may be good at maths and achieve an award in Math Olympiad.

You will tell the story of your all achievements and awards that relates to your future study at the University.

What is your Future Plan?

Which course do you want to study?

How this course will help you in your future career Plan?

Why did you choose this university?


How long should my Personal Statement be?

A general personal statement for undergrad programs is 400-600 words long. However, it depends on the requirements of the specific university you are going to apply. Please go through the university website for any specific requirements they ask you to write. For Postgraduate programs the typical personal statements are 800-1000 words.

Sample Personal Statements


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