Many queries spring to mind when a student considers studying in the UK. One of the essential queries is, "How can I get a student visa to study in the UK?" Suppose you don't know the procedure for getting a student visa to study in the UK! You might face many difficulties the first time. So in this post, we will clarify how to get a student visa to study in the UK.

The UK government offers international students the option to study in the country, but you must first secure a student visa. To check in the UK, you must need a Tier 4 visa. There is another visa for study in the UK, which is called a short-time study visa. That visa is applicable for only courses, not more than six months. Because you are here to study in the UK with a bachelor's or master's program, we only talk about tier 4 visas.

Tier 4 visa is a general student visa for international students who want to study in the UK. Anyone who wants to apply for a Tier 4 visa must submit documents to the embassy three months before the course starts. 

Eligibility for a Tier 4 Student Visa

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Must have an offer letter from any course from the university
  • Ability to speak, read, write, and understand English 
  • Financial proofs, like sufficient funds to sustain yourself and pay for your course
  • Intention to depart the UK within 30 days after completing your studies.

Documents needed for a Tier 4 Student Visa

  • A valid copy of the issued passport 
  • Evidence of all financial resources to cover your living expenses for the duration of your course
  • The reference number of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and the papers necessary to receive CAS
  • a color passport photograph
  • Tuberculosis testing (if needed) 
  • Evaluation Documentation
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate (if required) 

Tier 4 Visa Charge

The application fee for a visa from outside the UK is BDT 37,480. You have to pay BDT 37,480 per person to start your visa application. 

English Proficiency for UK Visa 

To obtain your UK student visa, you must submit documents about competency in the English language. This entails typically completing a secure English language exam to demonstrate your communication and correspondence abilities.

IELTS for UKVI is a particular IELTS test authorized for use with the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI). This is the same for everyone arriving from a non-English speaking nation. While there is no change in the content, format, or degree of difficulty and scoring, IELTS for UKVI merely adheres to additional security standards to assure the test taker's validity. If you achieve a good IELTS for UKVI score, you will find it easier to secure a UK student visa.

These are the processes for obtaining a Tier 4 general student visa in the United Kingdom. SMS Higher Education Group can thoroughly assist you in getting your UK visa as soon as possible. So, if you want to study in the UK, contact SMS Higher Education Group; we can assist you with everything from university applications to visa processing. You don't need to be concerned about anything.

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